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Asher’s Hat


Hat’s off to the Best Chocolate in the World!


Hat’s off to the Best Chocolate in the World! Here at Asher’s we truly believe this statement is true! And we have heard from many Chocolate lovers that they agree with us! There are many things that make Asher’s the BEST! From quality ingredients, to passionate people, we have the recipe for success. As a valued customer, you are included as apart of the Asher’s tradition. To be a member of the Asher’s family means to be included in a story that has been continuing for over one hundred years. Wear this badge of honor with Asher’s Hat!

What a better way to embrace Asher’s culture than wearing Asher’s name for the world to see! That is right. We now have created an Asher’s Hat that perfectly embodies Asher’s name. The white, bold 1892 on the front of the hat represents the date Chester A. Asher founded Asher’s Chocolate Co. That was over one hundred years ago. And, the tradition carries on today. On the back we put our name so that everyone can follow you to our delicious chocolate paradise.

This Black Asher’s Hat is the perfect sports hat to wear for any occasion. It is casual and comfortable and the design with match all your outfits. The adjustable Velcro scrap allows one to comfortably fit the hat perfectly to one’s head, so it fits snuggly. Order your Asher’s Hat today or shop our other available merchandise online or in our retail stores.

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