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Keystone Crunch


Sounds like fun-and-games, but it’s seriously addictive. Pretzel wheels are the perfect foil for salted popcorn and assorted nuts bathed in buttery sweet toffee. This sweet snack mix arrives at your door packaged in a 6 oz. bag.  Take us out to the ballgame, and don’t forget Asher’s Keystone Crunch!


The Keystone Crunch from Asher’s Chocolate may sound like fun and games, but after one taste you’ll soon come to realize that it’s anything but. Not only is this serious business, but it’s also seriously addictive. If you’re in the mood to satisfy a salty sweet snack craving, look no further than one of our famous Keystone Crunch.

These delicious Keystone Crunch pretzel wheels are the absolute perfect foil for salted popcorn and assorted nuts. They’re positively bathed in buttery, sweet, delicious, creamy toffee. If you’re a fan of pretzels, you’ll want to order a nice, heaping helping of the Keystone Crunch from Asher’s Chocolate as soon as you can. This sweet snack mix arrives at your door packaged in a 6 oz. bag.

Asher’s Chocolate Co. lives up to our name of being synonymous with making the best chocolate treats. We’re recognized for crafting the most delicious confections because we never skimp on quality and fresh ingredients. In fact, we’ve had quite the extensive experience as expert chocolate makers. Our famous recipes date back to 1892, with our founder Chester A. Asher. Chester promised to deliver the highest standard of chocolate confections. So today, we continue his legacy as a 5th generation candy company.  Join the family by indulging in our delicious goodies.

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Dimensions 6.25 × 4 × 2 in

Nut, Popcorn, Pretzel


6 oz. bag


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