“I live in Arlington, Texas, and I’m calling only to tell you that every year I look forward to the holiday season because I can finally find Asher’s chocolate covered pretzels somewhere in my area, and I load up. I probably have 15 boxes in my closet right now. They’re one of the only treats I let myself enjoy. I just wanted to pass that on and let you know just how much they’re loved and enjoyed. Thanks so much.” – Judith M. 

    “I’m a customer [through] Publishers Clearing House, and I just want to give you guys a compliment. I just cheated and had bought the Asher’s Animal Crackers covered with chocolate, out of this world! Every time I see them advertising something from your company, I buy it and it’s excellent. The Raspberry Jellies, you know, with the chocolate covering? Oh my god, you are excellent, I just wanted you to have a compliment and thank you. Its not often that I find a good piece of candy or cake, and you guys really deliver and I appreciate it… I want to thank you. Your candies, your cakes, everything is just delicious. Your cookies!” – Providence M.

    “To whom it may concern – I am not sure if this is will reach the correct persons or if this is where I am supposed to be sending this message but I wanted to say THANK YOU. I work for Wellspring Village in East Norriton- a division of the Brightview Senior Living facilities which specializes in residents with dementia and other memory care needs. Today I had the pleasure of touring your factory and perusing your shop with 7 of our fabulous residents- all with varying levels of communication and mobility. And all I can say is THANK YOU. Our experience started with a smile and only got better from there. The lovely cashier was kind enough to give each member of my group their chosen pretzel in a bag labeled with their name. And then kindly allowed me to take up even more of her time to painstakingly itemize each weighted pretzel. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for everything your employees did for me and my group today. Your kindness and genuine care for your customers was overwhelming and will not be forgotten. Thank you for everything.” – Jill H.

    “I have been a shopper at Asher’s since they were on Germantown Avenue. My grandmother always bought her Easter candy there and I followed her example. They were and are the best!” – Susan K.

    “I received my order a couple of days ago. Your chocolates are sooooo delicious. I wanted to take a moment to say that it couldn’t have been packaged more perfectly! It was impressive and wanted to let you know and say thank you!” – Janet R.

    “Thank you for such a wonderful product. I am a pediatric oncology nurse and we have our Kids on a lower carb diet to help starve out the cancer. When we are able to find the Asher Chocolates we buy as much as we can just so the kids can still feel normal.” – Kristen H.

    “I just wanted to take the time to send a quick email to let you know that today I tried your chocolate Graham’s. I work in such a stressful environment in the neonatal intensive care and your grahams made my day. They are delicious!!” – Robyn G.

    “I just bought my first box of Ashers Raspberry Jellies. It’s ‘the absolute best sugar free candy’ I’ve ever eaten …bar none !! Makes being a diabetic tolerable ☺👏👏👏👏👏… I love your candy and I’m going to tell everybody…thanks so much 💖💖💖” – Brenda D.

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