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Mini Pretzels in Milk Chocolate, 4 oz. bag
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Coconut Clouds

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One of our tastiest pieces: Coconut Bunny Tails. We start with our signature vanilla caramel-marshmallow coated in dark chocolate. After that sets, we lather the piece in a coating of white chocolate before hand-rolling it in a bed of coconut. These unique candies require a lot of hard-work, but the payoff is well worth it. 🥥🥥🥥🥥

Kosher Certified


Indulge in the Joy of Asher’s Coconut Clouds!

Asher’s Coconut Clouds are a delectable and delightful treat, perfect for bringing the holiday spirit to your celebrations. We craft these heavenly confections with care, starting with a caramel-marshmallow center that’s enrobed in Asher’s signature dark chocolate.

🍫 Dark Chocolate Elegance: The rich and velvety dark chocolate coating provides a luscious cocoa flavor that sets the stage for a sweet and satisfying experience.

🥥 Coconut Dreams: Once the piece sets, it takes a dip into creamy white chocolate and is then lovingly hand-rolled in a bed of fresh coconut. This adds a delightful layer of coconut goodness that elevates the treat to another level.

🎁 Perfect for the Holidays: Asher’s Coconut Clouds come in a convenient four-ounce cello bag, making them an ideal holiday gift or a delicious addition to your seasonal festivities.

Asher’s Chocolates remains dedicated to quality, and this piece is no exception. With over a century of chocolate craftsmanship, Asher’s is a name you can trust for both quality and indulgence.

Whether for yourself or sharing them with loved ones, Asher’s Coconut Clouds promise to bring joy to your holiday. Order your four-ounce cello bag today and savor the delightful combination of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and coconut in every bite! 🍫🥥🎁🎉

Are you a coconut fanatic? If so, you may enjoy trying our coconut clusters!

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1 review for Coconut Clouds

  1. Philip Ciaccio (verified owner)

    These are possibly the most delicious sweets I’ve ever tasted. The flavors combine to take you on a journey among the clouds. Sweet, sweet coconut clouds.

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