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Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials, Traditions Box


Asher’s Cherry Cordials Traditions Box comes with 6.1 ounces of milk chocolate covered cordial cherries. This gift box is a great present to give to your loved one or a friend for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. Creamy milk chocolate houses rich candied cherries in syrup. We dare you to try just one of this classic Asher’s confection!


Step back in time by enjoying a classic treat that will instantly remind you of holidays past. Asher’s Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials hold the power to transport you back to the confections you remember eating as a child and so looked forward to enjoying.

Asher’s Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials are made with our old fashioned and time-honored recipe. This means, through all the years you’ve enjoyed Asher’s confections, the quality, ingredients and standards have not changed. We still use our original Milk Chocolate recipe, created hundreds of years ago by our founder, Chester Asher. His tradition continues with our Cherry Cordials Tradition’s Boxes.

Asher’s Tradition’s Box comes with 6.1 ounces of Milk Cordial Cherries. That means inside just one box you have plenty to share or plenty to stash for yourself. Make a new tradition of gifting Asher’s Tradition’s Box. We guarantee this gift won’t disappoint your chocolate crazed recipient. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a holiday to give one the delicious gift of chocolate. At Asher’s, we boast in being the chocolate of everyday life. So, since there’s so much to celebrate every day, why not enjoy an Asher’s treat to bring a tasty surprise to an ordinary day!

There’s nothing ordinary about our Milk Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials. Our smooth milk chocolate houses rich candied cherries in a sweet syrup. You’ll love the classic taste of tart cherry combined with sweet milk chocolate. We dare you to try just one!

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Cherry, Milk Chocolate


6.1 oz box


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