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Milk Chocolate Potato Chip Clusters Snack Box


One of our best sellers just got better! Now you can have our chocolate covered potato chips in a bite size piece. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty as crushed potato chips combine with creamy milk chocolate.

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Regular Potato Chips have had their time in the spotlight as the go-to snack! Asher’s Chocolate Co. decided to take the crunchiness you love of potato chips and combine it with the smoothness of milk chocolate. Introducing our fabulous milk chocolate potato chip clusters! This new treat doesn’t make you decide between which snack to have. Because when you indulge in this treat, you enjoy the best of salty and sweet goodness.

Our milk chocolate potato chip clusters represent a creative twist to our chocolate smothered potato chips. We saw how popular potato chips covered in delicious chocolate became so we decided to try to make the confection even better! So, we enhanced the crunch and salty-sweet sensations that make our whole chocolate potato chips seriously addictive. The result, crushed potato chip pieces mixed with our famous milk chocolate. A seriously sweet success!

Crushing the potato chips into smaller, bite sized chunks adds more salty and crunchy goodness to the piece. Plus, you’ll find even more chocolate needed to hold the chips together. A win for dessert lovers who can never have too much chocolate. After all, there isn’t such a thing as too much chocolate.

We’ve packaged these pieces into our convenient snack boxes. Our snack boxes make it easy to bring this treat along on any advantage. We guarantee packing our snack boxes will bring the sweetness needed to have a celebration, any day! Share your fun with us on social media!

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Milk Chocolate


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