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Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jellies


Kosher CertifiedNo Sugar Added


Indulge in Sugar-Free Delight with Asher’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jellies!

Treat yourself to the perfect blend of rich, sugar-free dark chocolate and succulent raspberry jelly centers. Packaged in a convenient 4oz bag, these decadent treats offer guilt-free indulgence.

🍫 Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate: Immerse yourself in the deep, velvety richness of Asher’s sugar-free dark chocolate. Crafted with care, it provides a luxurious chocolate experience without the sugar.

🍇 Raspberry Jelly Center: Experience the burst of fruity sweetness with every bite, as our sugar-free raspberry jelly centers tantalize your taste buds. Each jelly is perfectly balanced with the richness of dark chocolate.

Asher’s is renowned for its sugar-free confections, and our Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jellies are no exception. Enjoy the delicious taste without the guilt. Order now and experience the perfect fusion of dark chocolate and raspberry jelly. 🍫🍇✨

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