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4 oz. Dark Chocolate Vanilla Butter Cream Egg


A creamy vanilla butter cream egg, covered in dark chocolate which is made using Asher’s 115 year old recipe. Placed in an attractive box, this makes a perfect gift or addition to your Easter basket.

Kosher Certified


Elevate Your Easter Delight with Asher’s 4oz. Dark Chocolate Vanilla Buttercream Egg!

Immerse yourself in the decadence of Asher’s 4oz. Dark Chocolate Vanilla Buttercream Egg, a confectionary masterpiece perfect for celebrating Easter. Encased in a beautifully adorned window-box featuring a delightful green hue and animated Easter eggs, this exquisite treat is a blend of artful presentation and gourmet indulgence.

🍫 Rich Dark Chocolate Indulgence: Experience the velvety allure of Asher’s premium dark chocolate, enveloping each egg for a sumptuous taste sensation.

🌸 Vibrant Easter Elegance: Adorned with a pink or yellow confectioner sugar flower, the egg radiates Easter charm. The green window-box, featuring animated Easter eggs, adds a touch of festive vibrancy to the presentation.

🍦 Creamy Vanilla Buttercream Center: Dive into the luxurious vanilla buttercream center within the egg, a harmonious fusion of sweetness and creaminess that defines the essence of Asher’s renowned Easter offerings.

Celebrate Easter in Style: Recognized for its exquisite combination of dark chocolate and velvety vanilla butter cream, the Dark Chocolate Vanilla Buttercream Egg from Asher’s promises an Easter filled with refined gourmet delight.

Asher’s Chocolates, synonymous with superior quality, invites you to savor the perfect balance of dark chocolate and vanilla buttercream. Order your 4oz. window-box today and bring an extra touch of elegance to your Easter festivities! 🍫🌸🐰✨

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Buttercream, Dark Chocolate


4 oz.


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