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Dark Chocolate Snowflake Pretzels with White String – 4 oz.


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The weather is finally beginning to transform into a beautiful winter wonderland. Very soon, the air will turn colder, and the clouds will begin to sprinkle delicate flakes upon the ground. Each flake is different and unique, capturing light from the blue sky as it falls like crystals to the earth. Nothing feels more like the season than a winter snowfall. And there is no better tasting “snow” than Dark Chocolate Snowflake Pretzels with White String from Asher’s Chocolate Co.!

We are pleased to introduce this new chocolate creation, inspired by the magic present in the first snow fall of the season. We take adorable mini snowflake pretzels and smother them in our famously rich Asher’s dark chocolate. Next, we add a drizzle of white chocolate string to embrace the pure white color of fresh milky snow. The taste combination of a salty pretzel drenched in luscious dark chocolate is a taste combination straight from the sky above!

Asher’s Dark Chocolate Snowflake Pretzels with White String are now available in a convenient and portable 4oz. cello bag. With this clear packaging you will be able to peer inside at these delectable treats drizzled with white confectionary, hiding inside. You almost will not want to eat these cute snowflakes that embrace a sleek and classic look.

Make sure to browse the rest of Asher’s website to find even more holiday favorites. You do not want to miss out on any seasonal goodies! Even follow us on social media to see how your family at Asher’s is celebrating the season.

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