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Chester’s Critters Snack Box


Adorable zoo-themed box filled with animal shaped crackers covered in our gourmet creamy milk chocolate. Great for any gift or just for snacking any time of the day!

Kosher Certified


Who doesn’t love the fun and deliciousness of animal crackers? We can all relate to feeling like a child again as we explore the animal shapes hiding inside a cracker box. But, Asher’s Chocolate Co. takes the fun to the next level. And how did we accomplish this you ask? By adding extra sweetness, of course!! Since adding creamy chocolate only enhances a snack, we decided to dunk these treats in our famous milk chocolate! A Chester’s Critters Snack Box from Asher’s Chocolate Co. hold crazy good and super yummy goodies inside.

Chester’s Critters can’t be tamed. Upon first bite into a crunchy critter, you will love the sweet balance of chocolate and wafer that shine through this piece. We even made sure to pack these wild critters inside one of Asher’s special snack box containers. Our snack box containers are the perfect way to ensure your treats stay fresh and tasty for whenever you crave a treat. Now, you can take your special treats anywhere and everywhere. If you have any left to share, just close the lid and you will be set for another day of sweet snacking!

At Asher’s Chocolate Co., we believe that you deserve to celebrate every moment. That’s why we’ve dedicated our entire business to creating the best treats. Using only the finest quality ingredients and crafting each confection with special attention makes Asher’s stand out above the rest of the many snacking options. We enhance plain old snacks with the addition of chocolate to really get the party started. So, when you treat yourself to a Chester’s Critters Snack Box from Asher’s, we guarantee wild taste sensations!

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Weight 0.3125 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 3 × 2.75 in

Milk Chocolate


5 oz box


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