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Coconut Clusters in Milk Chocolate, 4oz. Bag


We’ve paired toasted coconut and creamy milk chocolate, made it into a bite size piece and put them in 4oz bags! They are so good, you will keep going back for more!

Kosher Certified


Ready to go absolutely nuts for a treat that combines a deliciously crunchy snack with wonderful chocolate? Asher’s Milk Chocolate Coconut Clusters combine everything you love about sweet coconuts with the bonus on creamy milk chocolate.

Firstly, we start will Asher’s famously scrumptious milk chocolate. This milk chocolate recipe has been in our family for over 100 years. Our founder Chester Asher created the tastiest chocolate recipe ever. So, as his family, we continue his legacy by making sure we follow his tradition.  Which brings us to our next ingredient. That means never skimping on the best available ingredients. You taste the Asher’s quality standard in each confection, especially in our popular Milk Chocolate Coconut Clusters.

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