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Dark Chocolate Mocha Latte Caramels Box


Kosher Certified


Mocha Latte Caramel! One of Asher’s bold new flavors in the Caramel Box Line.

This delicious piece of candy shows what a match chocolate and coffee are. Even more, once combined with our rich caramel, they become a trio of heavenly goodness! Factoring in a thick layer of dark chocolate, were not sure how much better this piece could be!

Asher’s has been creating the highest quality confections since 1892. However, even in today’s world, we find there is room to improve and grow. Thus the Caramel Box Line was conceived! We desired to bolster our already stout line of caramels that included Bourbon, Butter Rum, and Sea Salt. Thus we began researching what flavors would work best as a pair with caramel. Rigorous research and development followed. Many taste testings later, our team honed in on three bold new flavors:

-Dulce de Leche Caramel, a beautifully balanced blend of caramel and sweet cream.

– Pecan Caramel, a naturally nutty nexus of taste that’s bound to have you begging for more.

– Mocha Latte Caramel, a carefully concocted confection that’s intriguingly complex.

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