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Easter Pail – Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Individually-Wrapped Eggs


Each one of these adorable pails has 13 smooth creamy peanut butter eggs  covered in our rich milk chocolate.  Perfect to grab and go or to add the perfect touch to any Easter basket this year!

Kosher Certified


All hail the pail! Especially when that pail comes fill with irresistible portions of chocolate. And, not just any chocolate!  Enjoy an Asher’s Easter Pail-Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Individually-Wrapped Eggs We’ve made a seasonal favorite into a sharable treat ready for the whole family to love.

Our Easter Egg Pails make an EGG-cellent addition to springtime celebrations! Each reusable plastic container comes filled with 13 individually wrapped milk chocolate peanut butter eggs. Theses eggs taste divine. Inside an egg-shaped shell made of creamy milk chocolate, is a smooth meltaway center of luscious peanut butter. The crunch of the milk chocolate shell cracks upon first bite to reveal a nutty whipped peanut buttery center. Our eggs are now tastier than ever!

Spring into fun with Asher’s Easter Pail-Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Individually-Wrapped Eggs. The celebration does not have to stop when all the eggs get eaten. The multi-purposeful Pails are perfect for Egg Hunting, too! Not only can enjoy Asher’s Easter eggs you can also fill the Pail over and over again with your favorites each season.

“Everybunny” will love these tasty treats! Since each egg comes individually wrapped in its own colorful wrapper, you can share a surprise with all your family and friends. Asher’s eggs filled with a classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter take an ordinary Easter Basket to the next level of sweetness.

This pail never fails to put a smile on enjoyers’ faces. Show us on social media how you enjoy our treats. Hop to it, we love to see how you incorporate Asher’s into your family traditions.

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