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Milk Chocolate Smothered Pretzel Pieces - 2 lb. Pail
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Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials Amoré Box


Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials from Asher’s Chocolate Co. make the best treat that is sweet, tangy, and syrupy. Eight cherries come packed in a beautiful gift box that’s decked out with stunning hearts.


Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials from Asher’s Chocolate Co. make the sweetest goodie that could ever be enjoyed.

Every year, love and chocolate are in the air with our 8pc.Milk Chocolate Cherries boxes. But what is better than one box of Chocolates? The answer is TWO boxes of deliciously inspired flavors! That is why your family at Asher’s never stops working to create fun, new flavors. We know what it takes to spark the feelings of a sweet Valentines. This year it is all about Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials!

Our Milk Chocolate Cordials pair alongside our favorite Dark Chocolate Sea Salts make for the perfect treat to warm your bones this winter. Furthermore, we created a piece that embodies the love, warm and joy of Valentine’s. Asher’s signature, creamy milk chocolate pairs sinfully well with chewy flavored caramels in these deliciously sweet and syrupy treats.

Festively flavored Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials make the perfect gift! You will not have to spend time searching for the perfect heart themed gift. We have your loved one covered with ideas sure to impress. Additionally, bring these candies as a gift for guaranteed love. Wrapped in a beautifully seasonal colored box, that just screams “I Love You!”


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