Office Envy Sampler


This Sampler Includes:

(18) Individually-Wrapped Milk Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

(18) Individually-Wrapped Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers

(18) Individually-Wrapped Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers

(18) Individually-Wrapped Milk Chocolate Pretzels

(18) Individually-Wrapped Dark Chocolate Pretzels

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Kosher Certified


Elevate Your Office Snack Game with Asher’s Office Envy Sampler!

Turn your office into a hub of deliciousness with Asher’s Office Envy Sampler, a captivating assortment that’s sure to make your workspace the most coveted place in the building. This impressive box features 90 individually-wrapped gourmet treats. We craft each piece meticulously to ensure a delightful combination of premium chocolate and your favorite classic snacks.

Inside this exclusive sampler, you’ll find a wealth of indulgent office-friendly delights:

🍪 Milk Chocolate Sandwich Cookies: Enjoy the perfect harmony of creamy filling sandwiched between two crisp cookies, enrobed in Asher’s signature milk chocolate. It’s a taste of nostalgia and luxury all in one bite.

🍫 Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers: Relish the sweet, buttery crunch of graham crackers, elevated to gourmet status with a generous coating of velvety milk chocolate. These individually-wrapped gems are perfect for a quick snack.

🍫 Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers: For those who appreciate the deeper, more intense flavors of dark chocolate. These individually-wrapped graham crackers are a decadent delight, offering a perfect balance of sweet and dark.

🥨 Milk Chocolate Pretzels: Dive into the satisfying contrast of crunchy pretzels and luscious milk chocolate. These individually-wrapped treats are a go-to snack for any chocolate lover.

🥨 Dark Chocolate Pretzels: For those who love rich and bold flavors of dark chocolate. These individually-wrapped pretzels offer a delightful blend of sweet and salty.

Additional information

Weight 6.41 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 11 × 5.25 in

Black Box, Green Tree Box, Red Bow Box, Red Box


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