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Snowflake Assortment


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Embrace the Winter Magic with Asher’s Snowflake Assortment!

The Asher’s Snowflake Assortment is a delightful journey through the flavors of winter, encapsulated in an exquisite 7.9-ounce candy collection. This seasonal treasure comes in a beautifully adorned snowflake-themed box, making it an ideal gift or a charming treat for yourself during the most enchanting time of the year.

🌨️ Inside this snowflake-themed box, you’ll discover a harmonious balance of both milk and dark chocolate delights:

🍫 Luscious Milk Chocolate Creations: Asher’s signature milk chocolate offerings deliver a world of velvety, sweet indulgence that’s perfect for savoring by the fireside.

🍫 Rich Dark Chocolate Sensations: The assortment also features a selection of deep, dark chocolate creations that boast a satisfying richness and captivating complexity.

🎉 Seasonal Elegance: We adorned this box with festive snowflakes, adding an extra touch of charm and sophistication to your holiday celebrations.

What makes Asher’s Snowflake Assortment a delightful choice?

🌟 Gourmet Excellence: Asher’s Chocolates is celebrated for its unwavering dedication to quality, and this assortment reflects their commitment to crafting exceptional confections.

🎁 Perfect for Gifting: Whether you’re sharing it as a thoughtful holiday present or offering it as a delightful addition to your holiday table, Asher’s Snowflake Assortment captures the enchantment of the season.

🥇 Asher’s Legacy: With over a century of chocolate craftsmanship, Asher’s is a name you can trust for quality and excellence.

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Dimensions 7.75 × 7.75 × 1.25 in
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Gold, Birthday, Christmas, Fall Leaves, Floral, Hanukkah, Hearts, None, Seashells, Snowflakes, Solid Burgandy


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