Shipping Chocolate in Hot Weather

Summer is sweeter with Chocolates, and we believe everyone deserves a share of Summertime happiness! But as September temperatures climb the thermostat, you might be wondering how Asher’s can continue to deliver the best quality Chocolates directly to your doorstep in this hot weather. We’ve taken steps to implement a new and improved shipping chocolate method that’s good for our Chocolates, good for our environment, and even better for you!

Keeping Chocolates Cool in Warm Weather

Without further ado, introducing ALL NEW Foil Bags for Ice-Packed Shipments to 1- and 2-Day Ship Points! We’ve shared secrets in the past about How to Keep Your Chocolates from Losing Their Cool, but nothing is as exciting as Asher’s latest project. This new method keeps your candy order in perfect condition, avoiding melting or blooming.

Environmental Benefits

Not only will your candy be delivered in mint condition with this latest improvement, but the environment will benefit as well! By using foil bags on all ice-packed orders going to 1- and 2-day ship points, we can replace the previously-used Styrofoam liners. This change is eco-friendly and even allows us to use smaller cases when shipping to closer areas! To learn about Asher’s continued “Green Efforts” , check out our website and previous blogs to join the movement for delicious “green chocolate.”

A Sweet Win for You

What does this improvement mean for you, our loyal Asher’s customer? No more sweating if your Asher’s order was shipped safely. Asher’s takes special care of shipping your chocolate to areas with temperatures above 68 degrees by carefully packing them with reusable ice packs in an insulated case.

At Asher’s we believe Chocolate is extremely precious cargo, meant to be handle with only the finest of care. With the introduction of ALL NEW Foil Bags we are continuing our commitment to gifting you the best tasting Chocolates ever. To get all of your favorites, give us a call at 855-8-ASHERS, or visit us online!