No Sugar, No Problem: What Makes a Sugar Free Chocolate?

When it comes to sizing up confections, chocolate tends to have far less sugar than other popular candies and treats. But even reduced quantities of sugar can be a problem for some individuals. Dietary limitations, either self-imposed or health related, can limit the amount of sugar a person can consume. In some cases, the presence of sugars in chocolate can rule it out entirely as an option for individuals.

Asher's Chocolate Covered Sugar Free Butter ToffeeOr at least that’s the case with chocolates created with added sugar. Several variations of chocolate often have sugar added to cut the natural bitterness of chocolate and add its trademark sweetness. But when sugar can be problematic, new Sugar Free alternatives are giving consumers hope, and expanding their options. Chocolatiers can easily replace natural sugars with sugarless alternatives that still maintain a high level of sweetness in the chocolate. Some dark chocolate even has no sugar added, making it an appealing confection for people actively avoiding sugary treats.

If a doctor has instructed you to avoid high-sugar items and restrict sugars and carbohydrates, regular chocolate might not be an option for you. But even when sugar is off the table, you can still enjoy delicious artisan chocolates on a regular basis. Take a look at making high-quality chocolates without sugar.

Why Sugar Free?

Asher's Chocolate Covered Sugar Free Mint PattiesSugar Free chocolate can be a nice dietary alternative for people interested in watching their chocolate consumption. In some cases, you may want to cut down your consumption of sugars and carbohydrates. Sugar Free chocolates are one way those individuals can accomplish this without sacrificing some of their indulgences.

For other people, though, Sugar Free foods are a dietary necessity. Individuals with diabetes have to carefully monitor their sugar intake, and this often means cutting out chocolate and other confections. Fortunately, the development of Sugar Free chocolate can allow individuals to continue enjoying their favorite treats without compromising their health. In addition, Sugar Free chocolates are crafted without reducing the quality of the product. Therefore, many artisan chocolatiers like Asher’s Chocolate Co. are embracing Sugar Free alternatives and catering to individuals with dietary restrictions.

Adding Sweetness Without Adding Sugar

While we tend to associate sugar and sweetness as the cause-and-effect of one another, this isn’t necessarily the case. Sweetness is a perception of taste that humans experience when they eat foods that have sweet properties. Sugar is popular because it is naturally occurring and very stimulating to our tongues. But there are other non-sugar foods that manage a similar “sweet” reaction, even if they aren’t as intense as the experience natural sugar provides.

To sweeten “Sugar Free” chocolate, most companies use maltitol, sorbitol, mannitol or other compounds known as sugar alcohols, according to WebMD. While the term “sugar alcohol” is misleading, since these products feature neither sugar nor alcohol, the compounds nonetheless stimulate the tongue’s sweet sensors when ingested. These ingredients can serve as a decent replacement for sugar when mixed into food in place of natural sugar. Some consumers may not even know the difference. And these replacement sweeteners produce no ill effects in diabetics, allowing those individuals to enjoy chocolate confections without consequence.

Where to Find Sugar Free Treats

Regardless of your location, you can always order Sugar Free items from Asher’s Chocolates and have them delivered straight to your front door.

To accommodate individuals living with sugar-restricted diets, Asher’s has produced a wide range of Sugar Free chocolate items, including Sugar Free versions of its popular pretzel bites and dark chocolate bars. Browse their online catalog today to find out just how many options exist even when it comes to Sugar Free chocolates.