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Asher's Chocolate Co.

Over 130 Years
of Quality Candy

SINCE 1892

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Since 1892

Family-owned & Operated for Five Generations.

We understand that one of life’s sweetest pleasures is a box of chocolate, which is why we’ve been making our fine chocolates and other classic confections since 1892.

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Recent Customer Reviews

What Fellow Chocolate Lovers Say…

Michael Hill
Google Review
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One of the best chocolates around. Located on Harleysville, Pa. I have been going there since they were in Germantown, when I was a kid. Always a good experience.
Kathryn Newcamp
Facebook Recommendation
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THANK YOU ASHER’S! super helpful staff that serve quality delicious chocolates & candies. Local gold! 👌
Scott Sack
Google Review
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I have never ordered directly from Asher's but am about to place my first order. I found their Milk Chocolate covered Potato Chips at The Paper Store (another amazing place), and absolutely crowned them the best I have ever had. Some pieces are a bit light with chocolate as opposed to others in the bag that are completely demolished with Chocolate so thick, its a fun challenge to eat the whole thing. The quality of the Chocolate is perfect for these chips and somehow they mastered the ability to still keep the chip pretty crispy. The only bad thing about this product is the ease of ability to obtain them now.... I am hooked and would recommend these to any Novelty Chocolate Fanatic.
Heather Thorstensen
Google Review
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We bought the Asher’s chocolate animal crackers. They are delicious!
Jacqueline Lily Doyle
Google Review
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Asher’s Chocolates are supremely wonderful as is their customer service. I’ve been sending my 88-year old Mum Asher’s jumbo chocolate covered marshmallows for about 3 years now and she adores them. I send my Texas mother-in-law Asher’s chocolate dipped sandwich cookies during hurricane season as they are her go to emergency foodstuff and she says they are A-1. Don’t even get me started on the dark chocolate salted caramels! Truly lovely candies brought to you by nice people.
Barbara H.
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I just received my order and I've already eaten a chocolate covered vanilla caramel. I'M IN HEAVEN! I bless the day I found you online and will be ordering more before too long. You have created a lifelong customer. Thank you.
Laly Marie Larriuz
Facebook Recommendation
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I bought some chocolate covered pretzels and let me tell you... by far one of the best I've ever had. I highly recommend this place
Rita Stanton
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Just “kudos” for this creation. Purchased at Wegmans in Johnson City NY. When walking thru the store or ordering online I scrolled/ walked right by them. A “ What the heck “ messages ran thru my head this time.. these are amazing snacks/ treats. ..and they have been sitting on the store shelf all this time. Keep them coming !
Sally Stutler
Google Review
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We have been ordering their Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers for years now and they are absolutely fabulous!! The chocolate is so thick and it tastes amazing, especially with a glass of red wine.
Stephanie Linder Maly
Facebook Recommendation
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The chocolate is divine and pure tasting. 1000% better than Hershey's.
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