Coffee Bag Sampler


This Sampler Includes:

(1) Milk Chocolate Pretzels Coffee Bag

(1) Dark Chocolate Pretzels Coffee Bag

(1) Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers Coffee Bag

(1) Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers Coffee Bag

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Awaken Your Senses with Asher’s Coffee Bag Sampler!

Inside this carefully crafted collection, you’ll find:

🥨Milk Chocolate Pretzels Coffee Bag: Satisfy your sweet cravings with the delightful combination of crispy pretzels coated in creamy milk chocolate. The perfect balance of sweet and salty, these treats are a delightful accompaniment to your morning coffee.

🥨 Dark Chocolate Pretzels Coffee Bag: For those who prefer the deeper, more intense flavors of dark chocolate. This coffee bag offers the same crunchy pretzel goodness enveloped in rich, dark chocolate. A delectable treat for the discerning palate.

🍫 Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers Coffee Bag: Experience the nostalgia of graham crackers in a whole new way. Each bite reveals a sweet and satisfying harmony of milk chocolate and crunchy graham crackers. A delightful taste of childhood, elevated to gourmet perfection.

🍫 Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers Coffee Bag: Dive into the world of sophistication with this coffee bag featuring dark chocolate enrobing graham crackers. The contrast of the dark chocolate’s intensity and the graham cracker’s sweetness is simply exquisite.

What sets Asher’s Coffee Bag Sampler apart?

🎁 Ultimate Convenience:We portion these Coffee Bags for your daily chocolate fix, making them an ideal companion for your morning brew or as a quick pick-me-up any time of the day.

🌟 Premium Ingredients: Asher’s Chocolates is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring that every bite is a luxurious treat.

🎉 Versatile Pairing: Enjoy these coffee bags with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. They make a delightful treat to share with guests or to enjoy in solitude.

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Additional information

Weight 2.66 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 11 × 5.25 in

Black Box, Green Tree Box, Red Bow Box, Red Box


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