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History of the Asher’s Chocolate Easter Egg

eastereggblogOne of spring’s richest traditions at Asher’s Chocolates is the Asher’s Chocolate Easter Egg. Decades of expertise means that this quintessential seasonal treat meets expectations year after year. Asher’s Chocolate Easter Eggs have been enjoyed by generations of consumers. It all started with Chester A. Asher, a Canadian farm boy with family roots in Scotland. He his passion for fine chocolates to launch one of the country’s most cherished providers of finely crafted chocolate confections.

In 1892, Chester started making chocolate in a former grape juice factory in Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He also had a store in front where he sold his delectable delights. He was so committed to perfection that he’d write down recipes on the backs of sugar sacks when inspiration struck.

Many modern households celebrate Easter the same way that their grandparents and great-grandparents did — with Asher’s Easter Eggs all around. Every child should have at least one Asher’s egg tucked into his or her Easter basket.

There’s an Asher’s Easter Egg for Everyone

Chester Asher realized early on that chocolate lovers love both variety as well as their tried-and-true personal favorites. For instance, a loyal Asher’s customer may prefer Asher’s 16-ounce Dark Chocolate Vanilla Butter Cream Egg above any other decadent delight available on Planet Earth, yet there may be times when only a Milk Chocolate Coconut Cream Egg will do. Fortunately, there are 35 Asher’s Easter Egg variations that everyone enjoy on Easter morning.

Asher’s Easter Eggs Also Come in Sugar Free Varieties

The descendants of Chester Asher share his enthusiasm for providing finely crafted chocolates to as many people as possible. They’ve worked hard to develop sugar-free chocolate recipes that deliver the trademark Asher’s quality so that those who would prefer to limit the amount of sugar in their diets don’t have to miss out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even long-time chocolate connoisseurs are unable to tell the difference between Asher’s regular and sugar-free confections. Asher’s Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Eggs are just one example of how those who prefer to stay sugar-free can nonetheless enjoy high quality seasonal treats.

Asher’s Makes Perfect Corporate and Individual Gifts

Those who have children and grandchildren who they’ll be spending Easter with may have already ordered their Asher’s Cream Eggs, but they also make excellent Easter gifts for adults. They’re perfect for sharing at senior gatherings as well as slipping next to plates at adult Sunday brunches. Those who have occasion to give corporate gift baskets will find that any Asher’s products are much appreciated among recipients, and cream-filled chocolate Easter eggs provide a fabulous seasonal touch.

Just like when Chester Asher first started making chocolates back in 1892, the Asher family remains committed to providing quality chocolates and other sweets. Visit Asher’s today to order your Easter treats!