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Summer Picnic Essentials

     It’s getting to that time of year! The grass is green again, trees are blooming, the sun is getting warmer, people are out and about. Between hiking, walking, biking, or any kind of outdoor activity, nothing sounds better than a lunch break in the mix! What’s better than planning a little picnic in the park? 

     Most people pack sandwiches, fruit, veggies, cheese/crackers, drinks, etc. But don’t forget the most important (and tasty) snack…. Asher’s chocolate! It pairs perfectly with strawberries and wine, or tea sandwiches and grapes, and many other combinations. 

     At Asher’s, we have a multitude of hand-picked items that will fit perfectly inside your picnic basket. Let’s check them out! 

Milk Chocolate Almond Bark – 4 oz. Bag 

     Our milk chocolate is truly a one-of-a-kind recipe that our customers know and love. It easily melts in your mouth and sends a sensational feeling to your heart (and stomach). This chocolate bark is the perfect size for a small, quick pleasure that you’ll be craving after you finish your lunch. With every bite, you’ll get a creamy, milk chocolate and salty almond taste that will leave you satisfied for the rest of the day. The almonds provide you with the fuel to continue and the chocolate provides you with the happiness you deserve, who wouldn’t want that? 

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels Box 

     One of the best combinations that we make here in our factory is our sea salt caramel line. It’s the perfect combination for your salty, sweet craving that you will love! The box holds 5.2 oz. of pure bliss that makes traveling so easy. It fits in any backpack, basket, or tote that you might use on the go. With every munch of this bite size treat, it’s the perfect little pick-me-up! 

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Bars 

     At Asher’s, we have one of the best sugar free lines in the country, just ask our sugar free fans! You’ll be able to indulge in these sweet treats without feeling too guilty. Our Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Bars are rich and creamy down to the last bite. After you finish enjoying your sandwich and you’re ready for a sweet refresh, this bar has just the right amount of deliciousness to finish out your activity. 

     These little essentials will make you look forward to your midday slump, leaving you feeling happy and satisfied with every mouth-watering bite. They’re the perfect, travel-size value products that will stay intact and won’t be crushed on your adventure. Have fun on your next trip and don’t forget to snap a picture and tag us @asherschocolates on Instagram!