Top 10 Places to Visit for Chocolate Lovers 

Are you a huge chocolate lover? Would you do anything to get your hands on the best piece of chocolate in the world!? We have acquired a list of the sweetest places to travel to this summer, or to add to your bucket list, for those that are looking for the best chocolatey treats! Some of these may be a big eye opener! 

1. Belgium 

This one may be an obvious pick. Belgium, a country whose chocolate is believed to truly be the most decadent, delicious candy to anyone who has tried their sweet treats. The country developed early access to cacao beans, understanding how to produce the chocolate at the right pace. Once they developed machines, they were able to mix the beans and develop a thin, smooth texture. With soft, chewy truffles, and pralines with a gooey center, why would you ever want to leave? 

2. Switzerland 

Swiss chocolate, along with Belgium, is notorious to be one of the best in the world. The chocolate is as much of a tasteful sensation as it is art. Milk chocolate is one of Switzerland’s most successful exports and is enjoyed by countries all over the globe. Swiss milk chocolate is sweet, creamy, and ready to melt in your mouth. Switzerland is notorious for the commonly known brands: Lindt and Nestlé. We love every bite of those little chocolate domes wrapped in colored foil to represent the different kinds of flavors! 

3. Italy 

Italian dark chocolate has a rich, full-bodied taste due to the heating, rather than burning, of the cacao seed. In Turin, a city filled with elegant cafes, is located in the northwestern corner of Italy and sells one the most decadent drinks you’ll definitely want to try. The Bicerin is an iconic beverage that is made of layers of chocolate, coffee, and cream. One sip and you’ll be in chocolate heaven! If you’re just as crazy about chocolates as we are, you can visit Turin and get a Chocopass to enjoy the biggest benefit of your tour. It’s a passport to sample Italian chocolate along your tour wherever you go. Who’s in? 

4. Turkey 

Did someone say chocolate and pistachio? Yum! The name “Damak” means “great taste” in Turkish, so you know it’s going to be a fabulous trat. This fancy Turkey chocolate bar is filled with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants so it’s difficult to argue it’s not the best for you! 

5. Ecuador 

The aroma of the Amba cacao helps give our sense of smell the stimulation it needs and deserves. The cacao plant is believed to have grown in the Amazon for thousands of years and has helped Ecuador on the “chocolate map.” Like other countries, Ecuador’s dark chocolate is a unique South American treat. The Arriba cacao bean has a vast variety of flavors, giving their dark chocolate an exciting experience you must try! 

6. Costa Rica 

The cacao bean has been growing in Costa Rican plantations for thousands of years. Their chocolate has more sweetness than others, with a unique profile for a flavorful taste. Defined with its artsy sketches in the chocolate and textures that will melt in your mouth, we’d highly recommend visiting Costa Rica for all your sweet cravings. 

7. Argentina 

Next time you spend your vacation in the gorgeous mountain top areas of Bariloche, just remember it’s known as the chocolate capital of Argentina. This area is known as “Little Switzerland” where those that have settled there brought their chocolate-making craft. Another area known for its artisanal chocolate shops would be Bueno Aires. One of Argentina’s best culinary fusions is their chocolate and dulce de leche. Mmm!  

8. Mexico 

Mexican chocolate has a unique texture and a whole variety of flavors. They enjoy adding cinnamon and sugar to the cacao nibs, producing a flavor like no other. The taste is slightly bitter, but you’ll most likely find a delicious dessert infused with almond and vanilla flavors to complement the scrumptious chocolate. 

9. United Kingdom 

The UK has been obsessed with chocolate since the beginning of time and has opened a large variety of mouth-watering chocolates/bars in plenty of shops. The United Kingdom’s most popular brand, Cadbury, holds a wide range of creamy, decadent milk chocolate. From the chewy, salty/sweet caramel to Turkish delight, to fudge bites, there is a good chance you can find it smothered in chocolate in the UK. 

10. United States 

You didn’t think we’d leave the US out of this list now, did you? US brands have such rich, creamy milk chocolate brands like Hershey and Mars. Throughout the states, there are tons of chocolate shops, bringing the sweetest taste of chocolatey goodness to the table. Us, Americans, love sweet chocolate sensations so we’re able to present it in various shapes and sizes for the world to taste and enjoy! 


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