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How Does Chocolate Affect Weight Gain?


There’s a dilemma that those of us afflicted with a sweet tooth have been facing for years: Do we want our treats in lieu of the health of our body? Since the 16th century chocolate has been a mainstay in the dessert practices of people around the globe. Since that time there has been much debate on what constitutes ‘too much’ of the snack. One of the primary fears of those that know not to eat the treat is the idea of weight gain. Put simply, folks are afraid that chocolate makes them fat. As it turns out, this isn’t quite the case. Research shows that chocolate can actually be a healthy part of your diet!

Regular Chocolate Consumers Tend to Be Thinner!

The Helena Study Group conducted a large experiment on almost 1,500 adolescent children in Europe. The goal of their research was to find out how the intake of chocolate correlated with the subjects overall body mass index. The results, as you can see by clicking the above link, were simply shocking! At the conclusion of the study the researchers found that an increased consumption of chocolate typically resulted in a lower level BMI. Why were these European children actually losing weight while eating chocolate?

The Magic of Catechins!

You probably have never heard of ‘catechins’ before but you’ve no doubt been enjoying the benefits that they provide to your body. This plant based chemical is an antioxidant that is most closely associated with green tea. Catechins help attack free radicals that come into your body via smoking, junk food and environmental pollution. The reduction of these free radicals helps your bodies health in the long term by reducing the possibility of certain diseases and stress. As a result the cells in your body are less ‘freaked out’. Science shows that stressed cells typically call for calories to be turned into fat. When these cells aren’t stressed the results are quite incredible.

More Chocolate Is Better…Right?

We have found out that chocolate can help keep our waist trim while keeping our body safe from severe diseases, like cancer. Does that mean we should be eating a bag of chocolate with every meal? The answer is: Kinda sorta. Research shows that there is a point of diminishing returns in chocolate consumption. Studies show that you should ideally be eating dark chocolate that contains somewhere from 60% to 70% cocoa. The amount of chocolate you should be sticking to is simple: moderation. A few pieces of chocolate as a snack will help you out. A giant bag of discount store candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will probably not help you so much.

The world of scientific research both giveth and taketh away. Every day we learn the dangers of certain foods or chemicals and it seems like everything ‘tasty’ quickly becomes bad for us. It’s nice to ‘win’ once in awhile. So the next time you reach for your favorite dark chocolate, refrain from feeling guilty! Chocolate in moderation can be a boon to any healthy body.

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