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Top 3 Mouthwatering Sweet and Savory Treats


chocolate caramelSweet & Savory Treats

Chocolate is available in so many varieties that even the toughest candy critic may find it difficult to refuse some form of it. Combining luscious milk or dark chocolate with salty snacks makes it twice as irresistible, offering a completely new experience of creamy chocolate locks in the freshness of sweet & savory treats. Salty snacks such as potato chips, pretzels, and nuts can be dunked in chocolate to create an enjoyable salty-sweet flavor. The crisp saltiness enhances and brings an exciting contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate.

Salty snack lovers will find that the chocolate brings out the distinctive flavor of their favorite finger food. Those who are passionate about chocolate will enjoy the new blend of flavors. Below, you’ll find some of the world’s most sensationally addictive salty treats for any chocolate lover.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

These treats are dangerous! Chocolate covered potato chips sound a strange combination to some, but once you’ve had one, you’ll realize they are the perfect blend of salty and sweet. We choose thick cut, rippled potato chips and dunk them in a vat of creamy milk chocolate. The first taste of the chips offers the delightfully sweet taste of chocolate. As it melts, the saltiness from the chips seeps through to intermingle with the chocolate on the tip of your taste buds, resulting in a delicious mix of the two.

The chips remain crisp and offer a snap and crunch that adds scrumptious texture to your chocolate. Chocolate covered potato chips offer a one of kind salty-sweet flavor that is pure temptation. We’ll bet you can’t eat just a dozen!

Christopher B. doesn’t live locally, but he still gets his snack fix:

Hands-down the best chocolate covered potato chips we have ever had…and we try them all. Asher’s are very hard to find locally so I decided to order online. Glad I did!


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Asher’s chocolate covered pretzels come in every variety of shapes, sizes, and chocolate flavors – from white to dark. Choose your favorite: regular twist pretzels, small pretzel sticks, and classic pretzel rods each offer a delectable salty-sweet flavor when dipped and covered with chocolate.

Pretzel rods add a gigantic crunch to your salty chocolate snack. Colorful sprinkles and coordinating ribbon in happy spring tones for Easter or cheery holiday reds and greens make these beautiful gift garnishes or thoughtful tokens of appreciation for your coworkers. Share the sweetness with loved ones or save them all for yourself. Chocolate covered pretzels are a favorite treat to tuck in the back of the pantry at home – for after-work, or when a craving strikes!

Annette G., a repeat customer, raves about our chocolate covered pretzels:

These are the best chocolate covered pretzels you’ll ever eat! The dark chocolate is rich and creamy, and not at all waxy like some are. The chocolate and light saltiness of the pretzels are an amazing combination. They are delivered quickly and are always fresh. Couldn’t love them more.


Sugar Free Pecan Caramel Patties

Sugar free pecan caramel patties are absolute ambrosia. Made of chocolate covered caramel, and filled with salted pecans, you’ll love the chewy/crunchy texture as you take that first bite. It is virtually impossible to tell they are sugar free. These mouthwatering sweet and savory treats are perfect for those who are limiting their sugar intake.

A combination of chewy vanilla caramel, salty pecans, and tantalizing chocolate will satisfy any craving. Sugar-free pecan caramel patties are packed full of flavor. They offer the same wonderful salty-sweet flavor as regular chocolate. Having a party? These elegant sugar-free sweets are a great alternative to serve for dessert for your guests who avoid sugar. But, you’ll want to buy extra! Even sugar-lovers will want another bite.

Karen G. gives them 5 Stars: YUMMY!! Make them the size of my palm!

Salty-sweet snacks offer the best of both worlds. The creamy chocolate coating locks in the freshness of the chips and pretzels to preserve their crispness and crunch. The satisfying blend of contrasting flavors will delight both sweet and savory lovers.