Asher’s Top Chocolate Stocking Stuffers

During the holiday season, presents don’t have to be limited to large items under the tree. Chocolate stocking stuffers can be just as exciting and interesting as the wrapped gifts. When searching for the perfect small gift, consider placing a few sweet treats into the stockings this year. Asher’s has a variety of options to choose from:

Milk Chocolate Santa Pop

Milk chocolate is a favorite treat for adults and children. Our Milk Chocolate Santa Pop is made with Asher’s milk chocolate and is shaped like Santa complete with his hat and beard. Place a Santa pop in every stocking to surprise loved ones with a little bit of holiday cheer.

White Chocolate Snowman Pop

For loved ones who prefer the sweet flavor of white chocolate, the White Chocolate Snowman Pop is the perfect gift. The snowman is made out of white chocolate to imitate snow. He wears a hat and scarf to complete the look.

Holiday Jelly Belly Mix

Although chocolate is a great stocking stuffer idea, the Jelly Belly Christmas Mix is a winning alternative. The bag has one ounce of holiday-themed red, white and green jelly beans. The flavors include cherry, red apple, green apple and coconut for a mixture that loved ones will enjoy.

Sour Gummi Santas

Sweet treats may provide the perfect stocking stuffer, but some loved ones prefer a treat that is both sweet and sour. That is when Sour Gummi Santas provide the perfect stocking gift. The gummies are shaped to look like Santa with red and white colors. The gummies are soft, cherry flavored and covered with sour sanding for a sweet and sour stocking stuffer.

Mini Holiday Pretzels

For those who prefer something sweet and salty as a snack during the holiday months, Mini Holiday Pretzels in Milk Chocolate are a great choice. The pretzels are covered with milk chocolate and feature red and green chocolate decorations to provide a touch of cheer. Since it has four ounces of chocolate-covered mini pretzels, it is a perfectly sized gift for a stocking stuffer. These delicious mini pretzels also come in white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Christmas Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods

Our Christmas Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods are a small treat that can stick out of the stocking for a fun peek at the contents, or they can be placed at the bottom for a final surprise. The pretzel sticks are covered with milk chocolate and decorated with red and green icing or sprinkles. Each bag of pretzel rods comes with three chocolate-dipped pretzels.

Holiday Nonpareils

Give the gift of dark chocolate covered with red and green sprinkles with a bag of Holiday Nonpareils. The sweet treat comes in a four-ounce bag that is perfect as a stocking stuffer and features festive sprinkles that add color to the chocolate that will thrill adults and children.

Keystone Crunch

Give the gift of a movie treat for the holidays with Keystone Crunch: popcorn, pretzel wheels and an assortment of nuts. The contents of the crunch are draped in toffee and available in a four-ounce or six-ounce bag that is perfect for a stocking stuffer. This is a perfect treat that loved ones can enjoy eating while watching a holiday movie.

Sea Salt Caramels

While our Sea Salt Caramels aren’t covered in seasonal sprinkles like some of our other holiday treats, this one will surely make anyone happy. Our sea salt caramels come in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate and are delivered in an adorable gift box with eight delicious pieces. This sweet and salty mixture will definitely keep your gift recipient coming back for more.

The holiday season is the perfect time to give loved ones something special. After narrowing down the choices that are perfect for the holidays, don’t forget to keep in mind the tastes and preferences of the recipient. Even though stockings have a limited amount of space, a variety of sweet treats make the perfect small gift for anyone.