An Introduction to Pairing Chocolate and Wine

Chocolate can sometimes be a bit heavy for wine, but there are always ways to incorporate both things you love. Why not have a chocolate and wine tasting night? Try every combination of red or white wine with dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. Let’s learn about chocolate and wine pairing!

Milk Chocolate and White Wine Suggestions

Milk chocolate and white wines or champagnes work really well together; especially milk chocolate covered strawberries or dark chocolate mint patties with a dry champagne. Bubbly champagne really tends to bring out the flavor of the fruit inside the chocolate if you choose to eat fruit-infused chocolate as well. Another option to try with champagne is assorted cherry cordials, which are similar to chocolate covered strawberries. The flavor of cherry should really pop.

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Suggestions

The taste of bittersweet dark chocolate goes much better with red wines, especially cabernets and zinfandels. Dark chocolates need red wines to offer a roasted, robust flavor. Try anything from dark chocolate covered pretzels to dark chocolate almond bark.

White Chocolate and Wine

White chocolate is a little bit harder to pair with wine due to its buttery flavor. Sherry is good to try with white chocolate because it will pick up the creaminess of the chocolate. You could even make your tasting more seasonal by pairing your sherry with our colorful snowflakes holiday basket.

Whatever your favorite kind of chocolate is, don’t be stingy about trying multiple kinds with your favorite wine. Try anything from chocolate covered graham crackers to peanut butter cups to truffles. Our assortment boxes are perfect for trying multiple options at once!

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