Sweet & Salty Snacks: DIY Trail Mix and Treats

What is it about the mixture of sweet and salty that everyone loves so much? Since taste is one of your five major senses, this combination sets off the taste receptors in your frontal cortex. This lets your taste buds have it both ways, leaving you craving it more and more. Here are some healthy but delicious ways of combining your favorite flavors.

Make your own trail mix by combining peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, mini chocolate chips in a bowl and mix them together to munch on now or store it in a Tupperware – now you have sweet and salty right at your fingertips!

Try making your own chocolate covered popcorn at home. There are so many recipes on the Internet and in your mom’s cookbooks that you can have chocolate covered popcorn at your fingertips in a matter of minutes if you put your mind to it. This combination is better than you even know.

Combine salted pretzels, peanut butter, and chocolate together to create chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. Take two mini pretzels and create a peanut butter sandwich out of them. Cover them in melted milk or dark chocolate and stick them in your fridge to harden to make an excellent dessert.

If you don’t have the time to make your own sweet and salty combination there’s always our own favorite sweet and salty combinations you can keep on hand. Our top three favorites: Dark Chocolate Smothered Pretzels, Sea Salt Caramels and Milk Chocolate Smothered Potato Chips.