A Sweet and Spirited Collaboration

Inspired by the desire for gold standard offerings with exceptional taste & of superb quality, Asher’s Chocolate Co. and Boardroom Spirits crafted a one of a kind gift set. Two local favorites, making one phenomenal, irresistible creation and chocolate collaboration.

Neighbors Working Together

To start, chocolate forms the best relationships, and that’s exactly where this story begins. Asher’s and Boardroom Spirits are in the same Philadelphia suburban neighborhood, so it’s no wonder fate brought the two together. It all started when an owner of Boardroom Spirits, in Lansdale, had a craving for his favorite chocolate covered pretzels. Upon seeing all the scrumptious confections in our candy cases, an idea sparked!

Cocktail Creativity

Boardroom’s expert team of cocktail wizards dreamt up two classic cocktails with chocolaty twists. The first cocktail is a Nutty Russian, and it is made with Boardroom’s signature distilled vodka, liqueur and coffee. The second ready to sip cocktail is an easy to enjoy Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Martini. Freshly pressed coffee comes to life when swirled with notes of hazelnut and strong vodka.

As soon as Asher’s expert chocolatiers taste the drinks, each unanimously agree Asher’s Milk Chocolate Espresso Truffles and Hazelnut Figaros will couple sinfully well together. Imagine sweetly flavored chocolate pieces, crafted with excellence in mind. While sipping a rich, hazelnut coffee infused beverage, a bite of truffle only elevates the deliciousness. And, it’s nuts how perfectly Boardroom’s Nutty Russian and creamy hazelnut confection pair.

Get Yours Gifts

Overall, the newly released gift bundle includes 1 Ready to Enjoy Cocktail, 2 Branded Cocktail Glasses, 4 Figaro Truffles and 4 Espresso Truffles. This gift set can even be delivered to your door. It’s as easy as ordering online and waiting for a special delivery to arrive straight to you. Boardroom Spirits online website is convenient to browse and choose between many signature cocktails. This Asher’s gift set just happens to be our absolute favorite chocolate collaboration. Because, who can resist a wonderful pairing of booze and chocolate. Cheers to a partnership we know only great things will come from!