Three Cheers for Asher’s Sugar Free Chocolates

The creamy, mouth-watering decadence of chocolate, the buttery kiss of caramel. These were once impossible treats for sweet-lovers that weren’t able to have sugar due to dietary or health concerns. Now they’re a possibility! Asher’s Chocolates is proud to offer the largest line of sugar free confections in the United States. Asher’s ensures that no sweet tooth needs to go unsatisfied again. With a wide range offerings without sugar, every candy bowl can overflow with candies that are safe for both dietary needs and waistlines.

Here are a few of Asher’s most famous sugar free chocolates and sugar free candies:

1.) Asher’s Sugar Free Pretzel Bites

The perfect blend of crisp, lightly salted pretzel and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate coating, these delicious little rods are ideal for when you want to snack, but aren’t sure if you want sweet or savory. Whether nibbled individually or added as a topping to a sugar free ice cream sundae, they’re wildly popular with customers, thanks to their full-flavored taste and one-bite size. Fans recommend that first-timers get more than one bag – one to dig into and one to save for a rainy day, because it’s so hard to eat just one!

2.) Asher’s Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates

A can’t-miss gift selection, the classic chocolate assortment has delighted recipients from teachers to family members for years. For sugar free giftees, however, it can be challenging to find a good, high quality chocolate assortment. Asher’s has thoughtfully solved this quandary with a rich, delightful array available in several different sizes for various occasions. This includes classic solid chocolates, creamy truffles, sweet jellies, nut selections and even caramels.

3.) Asher’s Sugar Free Mint Patties

When it comes to the rich, deep flavors of dark chocolate, there are few flavors that are better suited to blending in than mint. Asher’s has taken this candy store staple and made it available to mint patty lovers without sugar. The after-dinner refreshment has never been more rewarding. Full of refreshing mint, each sugar free patty is meant to be savored. If nibblers can summon up the willpower, they’re also ideal for sharing!

In addition to this trio, shoppers can also find delicious sugar free candy like Asher’s sugar free pecan caramel patties. Asher’s sugar free candies are sold in convenient bags that can be given as individual gifts or arranged in larger gift baskets or corporate gifts for an impressive edible presentation. No matter how you enjoy their candies, you’ll be hooked on Asher’s taste-alike sugar free versions from the very first bite.