Top Five Chocolate Covered Kosher Treats for Hanukkah

As the holidays approach, it is important to start finding the best gifts for loved ones. Hanukkah gifts would not be complete without kosher chocolate covered treats from Asher’s Chocolate, that all loved ones can enjoy. Chocolate is always a sweet treat that is a perfect gift during the holiday.

During Hanukkah, finding the right chocolate covered treat may seem difficult. Each family member may have a different preference for chocolate, which makes it hard to find the right option. Fortunately, assorted boxes of chocolate from Asher’s Chocolate are a great solution.

Hanukkah Gift Tray

The Hanukkah Gift Tray at Asher’s Chocolate is the perfect gift for Hanukkah. The tray features a variety of chocolates that will satisfy and appeal to all.

This tray includes several chocolate covered pretzels in milk and dark chocolate, chocolate covered graham crackers with both dark and milk chocolate, and chocolate Hanukkah coins. The variety of dark and milk chocolate will appeal to love ones. Meanwhile, the Hanukkah coins represent the holiday and provide an element of tradition to the gift.

Pretty in Pink Gift Basket

The Pretty in Pink Gift Basket is the perfect gift for the women in your family. The gift basket features a pink basket filled with a variety of chocolate covered treats and other special items.

The sweet treats found in this basket include chocolate covered graham crackers in both dark and milk chocolate, dark chocolate covered sea-salt caramels, chocolate nonpareils and a milk chocolate bar. Chocolate covered pretzels complete the set, providing a sweet and salty treat that loved ones can enjoy during all holiday events. All of the chocolates in this assortment are kosher.

Assorted Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Assorted Chocolate Covered Pretzels offer a mixture of dark, milk, and white chocolate covered pretzels that are a perfect snack during the holiday season (and they are even kosher). The chocolate gives a sweet touch to the snack and a little salt from the pretzels provides the perfect balance of flavors that loved ones can enjoy.

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Asher’s Chocolate offers several chocolate covered graham cracker options. It is possible to purchase the graham crackers with milk or dark chocolate covering the sweet, crunchy cracker. The gift is available in small 7.15-ounce coffee bags or in a caddy, which provides several individually wrapped chocolate covered graham crackers.

The caddy is available in dark or milk chocolate and has 18 individually wrapped chocolates. This sweet treat is perfect for Hanukkah and the caddy provides a perfect assortment for family gatherings, holiday parties, or as a part of a gift for loved ones.

Chocolate Almond Bark

For loved ones who enjoy chocolate, but do not like pretzels, grahams, or similar items, the 4-ounce milk chocolate almond bark may be an appropriate solution. The treat is primarily chocolate with a mixture of almonds for a simple, sweet, and crunchy dessert.

The treat also comes in dark chocolate, making it easy to find the right option for each loved one. It is wrapped in a cello bag, making it easy to slip the sweet treat in with other gifts during the holidays.

During Hanukkah, it may seem difficult to find kosher chocolate covered treats. Fortunately, Asher’s Chocolate has several gift items and solutions that make it possible to provide chocolate covered kosher treats. There is a variety of holiday treat options that will please any family member, loved one, or guest who is celebrating Hanukkah with the family.