WHITE HOT: Differences Between White Chocolate and White Confectionary

You may think all chocolate is created equal, but we’re here to tell you that each type of chocolate has its own distinct properties that make its unique colors and flavor profiles. While all chocolates are delicious in their own rights; there are scientific reasons as to why every chocolate taste different. You’re probably more familiar with Milk Chocolate verses Dark Chocolate; but, what about the differences between White Chocolate and White Confectionary?

Three (3) Mini White Chocolate Three (3) Ring Pretzels on white backgroundMajority of Chocolate Connoisseurs will argue that White Chocolate and White Confectionery are not actually chocolate since neither contain chocolate liquor, a non-alcoholic product derived from processing the cocoa beans. There’s more hiding behind your favorite White Chocolates and Confectionaries, so take a bite and learn!

Cocoa Butter

The fat produced from pressing cocoa beans is Cocoa Butter. White Chocolate contains Cocoa Butter, milk solids, sugar, milk fat and lecithin- a fatty emulsifier that holds it all together. In the United States, it must contain a minimum of 20% Cocoa Fat.

White Confectionary is not made using Cocoa Butter. Instead, you make white confectionary with vegetable oils and sugars in place of Cocoa Butter.


Due to the Cocoa Butter present, pure White Chocolate has an off-white, ivory-like color. White Confectionary has a snow-white color from the amount of sugars used to make it.


White Chocolate tastes rich with Cocoa Butter, giving these candies a smooth, delicate taste. On the other hand, White Confectionary is a sugar rush of sweetness, artificially or naturally flavored with vanilla, depending on the type.

Do you agree with Chocolate Connoisseurs’ opinions about this White-Hot Chocolate topic? We’d never turn down a piece of Chocolate! Here at Asher’s, we only use the finest ingredients to make all our Chocolates, so indulge in some White Chocolate treats now.